God and man

The following is a brief and summarised doctrine about God and His relationship with us humans, which I have derived, in part, from Toward the Light, and, in part, have apprehended and had revealed:

God is an infinitely transcendent personality, high above all things of this world, and yet very near to every human being.

God is the omnipotence of light and love, the Lord of love and life. He raises humans with love but also with authority.

God is the source and origin of love. It is probably not possible to prove His existence in a logical and scientific sense. And yet it’s this simple: Everyone can find Him in their own hearts.

God surrounds us with guardian angels to strengthen our sense of good and evil; we hear their voices as our conscience.

The primary law of humans is the Law of Retribution; ‘as you sow, so you shall reap’, or as modern usage would have it: ‘What goes around comes around’. God did not give us this divine law and justice to punish us, but to make us – painfully – understand, when we refuse to acknowledge the evil we have done, refuse to grieve and repent and bow down, exactly what we have done by making us endure the same suffering we have brought to others. This is the deeper meaning of the Law of Retribution.

But it must also be said that the law applies to both good and evil (in this broader sense, we could call it the Law of Karma): After all, we do reap the fruits of both the evil and the good seed. And in this way, the overall law, the Law of Karma, has an educational and ennobling effect on our spirit, as we slowly discover – or rediscover – that it constitutes the Light when we sow the good seed, love that gives us joy and peace, while darkness makes us ill at ease and causes us suffering; and therefore, we are slowly, almost imperceptibly, independently and of free will ever more drawn to the Light.

If, again, we turn our gaze to the evil seed, we sometimes sow, it should also be mentioned straight away that for the same pedagogical reasons, the love and mercy of God and man are above the Law of Retribution: If we hurt someone and we acknowledge it and grieve over it and repent, our sorrow and remorse show that we have understood what we have done, and then it’s not necessary for us to undergo the same suffering that we have inflicted on others.

If we express sincere grief and remorse, and ask our victim or victims for forgiveness – and we receive it – then the evil deed is erased forever.

God is a spiritual Being of infinite power; but He is also an infinitely gentle Being whose image rests in our hearts.

God is an infinite power of love. From His absolute knowledge of good and evil, light and darkness, He is able to face everyone with the deepest understanding of all the evil tempting us in this world, all the evil causing us suffering, and from His understanding help anyone who seeks and needs His help.

He is always ready to forgive us and help us when we fail or falter; a cry for help on the steep slopes of darkness when evil threatens us or tempts us is heard and granted.

God is a flaming Being! An infinite Being and an immensely loving, gentle but also authoritative personality is He!

From the Lord God, we all receive spiritual life force through the strong rays of light radiating from Him to all creation.

No evil will befall he who walks with Him, for His strong hand shields those who have absolute faith in Him.

He is infinitely near to everyone, for He dwells in our hearts and is always only a prayer away.

God does not manifest Himself as thunder and lightning, not as Jesus of Nazareth (Christ; however pure and exalted a man he was; he was and is not the infinite God), not with terror and coercion or in ecstasy. He does not punish; but He is the peace and love – quietly blessed – we all seek.

No one, not even Satan (Ardor), is to perish and no one will remain in darkness forever; for God’s infinite love has ramifications in all, and a possible shortcut to the Light and God is open to us through forgiveness of the one who has fallen the deepest (a detailed account of what he – Ardor – has done to us and that for which we must seek to forgive him can be found in Toward the Light (Ardor’s account)).

The ways of God are the ways of light, and the ways of light are the ways of love. We can all help spread the light, the love, in the world, not through complicated philosophical insights and knowledge, but simply by loving our fellow human beings.

And spiritual growth – or even better: elevation and refinement – can be achieved, not through mystical insights only reachable through years of meditation or the like, but, again, quite simply: Through love, by loving our fellow human beings and ourselves.

A natural way to show this love of mankind would be to treat people in need – refugees, for example – in the same way that we ourselves would want to be treated if we were in their situation; ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’.

We can also all help break part of the power of darkness, evil, in this world through love instead of seeking revenge and committing violence: By forgiving our enemies.

God is not a sword in the hand but the blessing in our hearts.

Such are God and His ways and His relationship with us humans, and this image of the Almighty may be used to filter through any sacred text, religion, religious ritual and tradition, to enable the collection and safeguarding of the real, noble seeds (there are few in the established religions, for example in Judaism, Christianity and Islam), and weeding out the lies, cinders and darkness of evil and delusion.

In conclusion: Sooner or later, God’s infinite love will overcome all opposition – even among those who have fallen the deepest – and bring everyone safely home to the eternal bliss of God’s Kingdom, Paradise.

The heart lights the way to God, only this will find the way through the darkness!

Højtryk, 2022

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