Hymn at the End of Time

If chaos reigns and we want order, what do we do?

Chaos reigns all over the world of humans: The climate seems on the verge of collapse, the Western capitalist growth and acceleration societies look as if they are a machine about to break down; we look at each other, perplexed, and we don’t know what is happening and what can be done.

The Marxist counter-fantasies merely created cruel dictatorships and even worse misery. Capitalists and Marxists pulled at opposite ends of the same rope, almost tearing the world apart. When, suddenly, no one pulled at the other end of the rope, the capitalists lost their balance and fell on their behinds.

So what do we do?

We are faced with Titanic, the ship that could not sink, which is now on its way to the bottom of the sea. We run like the Inuit to keep away frostbites and death by hypothermia, and so we sweat, and as the sweat threatens to freeze up, we have to run even faster to keep death at bay. So we have to run. Keep running. We despair: Still faster? But we can’t!

War reigns. Resulting in endless streams of refugees and widespread racism and misery and the destruction of spiritual and material values. Brother and sister giving each other a baleful stare. Global crime. Pollution. Unimaginable wealth and unimaginable poverty. An Earth trembling beneath our feet.

But let’s not draw an altogether black picture; let’s instead say: Perhaps what we see is not us and our society collapsing. Perhaps that, which is collapsing, is unable to stay standing and has never been able to. The False Gods:

The Trinity, the empty dreams at the end of time: Power, money, sex. Even if we had all the power, all the wealth, all the sexual gratification, it would not make us happier or give us peace and quiet dreams. The hunger and thirst would become worse and more unbearable, the more we desire and the more our ultimate dreams of this earth are fulfilled.

The ancient gods are also past their prime. They have had their time, and that is time enough. Neither they can quench our thirst or satisfy our hunger anymore: Jehovah, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Allah; they take each other by the hand and walk quietly into oblivion; or rather: They have never been here, because they do not exist.

Cognition, science, politics, economics, religion, existence, technology, beauty, art need a solid foundation, which will not fail. If we do not have such foundation, we have nothing. Then the foundation – the sand on which we have been building since the beginning of time – will give way, and we will fall; fall far and deep and for a long time.

What do we need? We need God. Not the old fantasies of God, but God. If we don’t have Him/Her, we have nothing. We can choose to continue along the same old roads or along paths without God. But these roads are precisely those now collapsing ecologically, philosophically, scientifically, existentially, politically, economically, artistically – at the end of these roads, we are now banging our heads against a brick wall.

We know who God is. Not the old dreams and delirium of the Lord, but God as He/She really is. We know Him/Her from the message He/She has sent to mankind: Through Toward the Light!

We can choose to make Him/Her a stranger and turn a deaf ear to His/Her message. We can choose not to listen – not to follow our innermost selves. But then the collapse will endure, instead of turning into the breakthrough we could also choose: The breakthrough in love, peace, tranquility, beauty, truth – through forgiveness.

If we deny our innermost selves now – and the voice that calls us day and night – and if we don’t answer Him/Her, we will push the collapse to extremes. Is that what we want?

When all is said and done, the question is: Do we choose life or death? Truth or lie? Love or hate? Light or darkness? Breakdown or breakthrough? What do we want? What will we answer God, who is calling out to us? Don’t you hear His/Her voice? Don’t you hear the Call?

Højtryk, 2022

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